Benefits of Pranayama Yoga for Stress Relief

benefits of pranayama

We are constantly bombarded with stress that slowly weakens our body and degenerate our immune system. These stresses push us to an unhealthy lifestyle which consists of carbo loading, less physical activities, and shallow breathing. Shallow breathing is breathing through the chest. This type of breathing only uses a fraction of the lungs, which may lead to serious consequences.

Pranayama yoga is a type of yoga that focuses on proper breathing techniques and controlling breath. Breath is our body’s most vital source of energy. Without breath and air, we cease to exist. This type of yoga helps us learn how to utilize our lungs to its full capacity and drive in the much needed oxygen into our blood, body and brain.


Health Benefits of Pranayama

Pranayama yoga has grown in popularity recently due to its undeniable health benefits. Yoga principles put high regards on to breathing and controlling breath. Every type of yoga teaches principles on proper breathing and breathing techniques.

Breathing control begins with deep inhalation from the lower stomach or the belly button area. Then, the breathing process goes upward to the lower chest regions and then on the lower portions of the rib cage. The air should stop by the throat right below the sternum.

The secret to obtain all benefits of pranayama is to do slow undisturbed breathing. As you exhale the air, ensure that the air passes through the same route that it came in. The air should leave the lower throat, down to the chest and to the lower belly.

Long and deep breathing can certainly aid the parasympathetic nervous functions. Actively getting involved can seriously lower the blood pressure, develop bodily functions, and other benefits of pranayama yoga. It can provide remedy serious problems and damages in bodily systems including reproductive, digestive and immune systems.

Included in the benefits of pranayama helping yogees manage stresses in their life. Practitioners of this form of yoga learn how to concentrate on the positives instead of the negatives. Slow deep breathing can bring total relaxation to the mind. And as the practitioner slowly empties his mind, pranayama yoga develops the person’s ability to focus and concentrate. In time, the practitioner achieves inner peace and total relaxation.


Other Benefits of Pranayama

Pranayama Yoga is definitely the best way to lessen the levels of depression and anxiety. In order to achieve the benefits of pranayama completely, make sure you practice this with other exercises. Breathing will be the prime focus and when prolonged to extended timeframes can holistically develop ones health.

If this is your first time to perform pranayama or any type of yoga, join a professionally supervised class first. Beginners should always be supervised by masters to check that they are doing exercises properly and without feeling any negative effects. No matter how amazing the benefits of pranayama yoga is, doing it incorrectly may cause serious damages. You should also be prepared every session. Indeed, the benefits of pranayama yoga can help you achieve inner peace and total relaxation.

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